In Need Of Community By Kortney Stanis

Love this! Stay disciplined in connections.

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I didn’t always have friends.  When I first moved to this city with my husband, I felt all alone.  I was a stranger in this city.  Tears would flow as my heart ached for relationships.

With my first baby, I could barely function.  I knew something was missing, so I joined a group of moms that met at a local church.  I felt loved and accepted by them, but it took time to form friendships.  It was hard and there were growing pains. From that group came friendships that were meaningful, and a community of kids for my children to play with and love.

Deep friendships formed from those early beginnings of life with a newborn.  I have found friends that I can gather together with every week.  Sometimes it’s for a meal.  In busy seasons, we talk for a few stolen moments after a meeting, just to catch…

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Karisa Moore

I lost my son to suicide. Each day since, I commit my day to turning the page and continuing to write my story. There is no deeper grief, but I know too, that there is no greater hope than bringing life out of death. I offer each page to you as a testimony that there is hope for abundant life!

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