Vending Machine Prayers or Investment Prayers

I have been settling for vending machine prayers: God thank you for this day, help us and bless others. I haven’t invested much into the conversation with God because I am exhausted from the trials and troubles. But, as Brian led our family to begin praying scripture a few weeks ago over our health I grew more hungry for God’s answers to my bigger questions. I desire to change the course of suicide! To do that is going to take mighty power that I do not have.

As Daniel and Natalie observe Brian and I earnestly seeking God’s answers, their prayers are also changing. They were used to our “lets get this over with” prayers and were resistant at first, but now our evening prayer is the highlight of the day. Specific prayers, identify the needs, of those around us, and people we may never meet this side of heaven. We are diving into our own soul hunger and wait expectantly for God’s provision. One of our specific prayers included:

Pray for the emotional and spiritual healing for three Compassion children in Petén, Guatemala, who witnessed their father commit suicide.

Think my kids identified with these children? Absolutely! Praying specifically for other children who are also experiencing the heartache of suicide, opens Daniel and Natalie’s hearts wider.

Vending Machine Prayers =Put a little in, satisfied with small returns.


Investment Prayers= Committing and RISKING heart, soul, and mind to expect the fullest possible returns from God.

Here are some tools we are using:

Power of Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian

Compassion International Monthly Prayer Calendar


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