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Thursday Trails: Stepping Outside of Depression

I love hiking the trails out our local nature parks. I don’t think, I don’t worry, and I don’t plot and plan. I am a child, with a camera and my God becomes bigger than my depression, insomnia and grief. Time stands still as I breath more deeply and gain new perspective.

Comment about some of your favorite parks or trails. How does nature expand your faith and shrink your depression?

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  1. Everything created is designed to teach the soul…

    • Beautiful. Nature is my classroom. 🙂

  2. Is it not written on the good book, let anxiety be but give to God your lamentations, cries and tears and in turn just listen watch and learn from nature. One way or another it will nurture our soul and keep it sane and just follow what needs to be done. Depression or not, nature does nurtures.

    • Are you paraphrasing Matthew 6:25-34? Jesus is saying, “consider nature”, to see how God provides for you. Great comment.

      • Yes madam it is that passage i am pertaining to.

  3. The fresh air fills my lungs, seems blow out bad thoughts. If I purposely look around, even in my neighborhood there are beautiful things to see, to praise the Lord for all He has created, and all He has done for us.

    • Good insight LouAnn! I love opening my front door in the morning to the sunrise! I also really enjoy the neighbors’ gardens. The variety and love that goes into their designs always brings a smile.

  4. Lets all be hobbits and get back to the things that we love and adore, as sam trims the hedges and bilbo writing while frodo frollick with merry n pippin. Naturilism was Tolkien’s niche in all his works.

    • So much to learn from Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Both really used nature to describe the nature of God. I need to reread Tolkien’s books. It has been a while.

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