Videos will be released November 5th.



Is ‘never stop growing’ a personal motto for you, or does it cause you to shrink back in fear every time you consider the possibility? Are you 100% clear on the path laid out before you? Could you use a little boost of confidence in your life?


If you’re ready to level up your personal sense of self-worth and are interested in gaining more clarity regarding what you want in life, then listen up! I’ve joined 20+ experts for an immersive, online interview series that is available to you this September.


The Corporate Career Mom Online Conference is a free, online interview series, which I get to be a part of, focused on helping you expand your capacity for loving yourself and your life. I’m so pleased to be among this incredible line-up of psychologists, authors, coaches, mind-body experts, and much, much more.


From unearthing the neuroscience behind our feelings of self-worth to building an action plan that will help eliminate overwhelm, self-doubt and build confidence, to align with more peace and calm, the Corporate Career Mom Online Conference is a necessary tool for everyone!


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