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Turning the Page on Suicide Podcast–Mercy and Justice are Not Separate

(Must get the CHIRP app to listen to all of the podcast, but here is the transcript.)

Welcome to Turning the Page on Suicide, I am your host, Karisa Moore. Tangled up in my story is injustice. I have been seriously wronged and those who did harm are going on with their lives with no apparent consequences.

God is peeling back the many layers of bitterness I feel to reveal my false beliefs about His true character. He is both just and merciful. I want one or the other, but not both at the same time. God is not quick to condemn any of us because it is his will that none should perish. His mercy means that his justice will not come when I demand it. I will experience injustice because God gives all of us every opportunity to repent. I suffer because of His mercy. If I want him to judge others who have hurt me, I also am asking for Him to judge me. If I want mercy, he is also merciful to my oppressors.

Nothing hinders God. Our experiences, both good and bad can change the course of mankind in the hands of an omniscient (all knowing) God. Example after example of the oppressed turning the tide on evil is recorded in scripture. Look around you. Do you see men and women doing great things out of great suffering? Your life matters to God and he is deeply aware when you have been wronged.

Until our perspective can take in all the needs of mankind, we will never judge rightly. We will lean to harshly towards condemnation or to loosely towards mercy. In repentance, trust and obedience we become better judges of character, our own and others. We show mercy because God has been merciful to us.

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