Community of Hope

This page is dedicated to bringing suicide out of the darkness and into the light! If you have lost a loved one to suicide, or suffered from depression, this is a chance for us to carry each others’ burdens and share hope. There are no judgments here–I am in the trenches with you. On any given day I struggle with anger, fear, sorrow, and a host of other emotions, as I process through grief.

But, I also declare the truth over my loss, and open myself to the reality of now being in the category “Survivor of Suicide”.  God is not through with my story and I long to be a witness of hope in the midst of sorrow. I will post discussion prompts, polls, and any kind of information that I deem useful on this page. Feel free to join in at any time and share your experiences.



10 Comments on “Community of Hope

  1. This is a great idea, bkmoore. I have survivied with clinical depression since around 7th grade. On 9.14.14 I attempted suicide and was hospitalized for two weeks. My story is located here if others would like to read it –

    God bless your soul for what you are doing for others.

    🙂 Chris

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  3. I found your blog through Chris (thank you Chris!) and I so commend you for what you are doing. Losing someone to suicide creates so many complex layers of grief and emotion. Having never blogged before or even journaled privately, I’ve just started sharing on here in hopes that it may help others and maybe even myself in the process. Blessings to you and your family.

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  6. I see you are active with AFSP. Just completed the National Walk (Overnight) at Dallas a couple of weeks ago. Good Bunch.

    • I want to do an overnight at some point, but I was so glad that I did the walk last year. All of the special touches encouraged me greatly and AFSP has become a great resource.

      • Yea, the candles were special. The people there are all angels. As much as it raises money for a cause that is so relevant, it is about the spirit of the

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