Books of Hope

I am pleased to announce my first book, Broken Butterflies: Emerging Through Grief, A Suicide Survivor’s Poetic Journal. Three years of grieving with hope are recorded through poetry. I did not realize until I began compiling the book, that the symbol of the broken butterfly was woven through this entire journey.

Butterfly who landed beside me.

I encountered a broken butterfly during a hike. It flew down and landed right beside me. Illustrating in vivid detail that God still intends us to fulfill His purpose, even in our broken state.

I encourage you to  journal, draw, and write your own poetry in response to the poems in the book.

Christ created you for a unique purpose. May the fact that I fly, with the broken wings of suicide, encourage you to do what the world deems impossible. Broken butterflies are still meant to fly.


Love Always,




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