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I have met many mental health warriors along the way. You can find their contact information, books, and training opportunities below.

I would love to hear your story and pray with you. Contact me and let’s turn the page on suicide together.


Join my Friend Dr. Michelle Bengston, the Hope Prevails Community, and me as we Study Hope Prevails for the next six weeks. Click on the link below for more information.




  • Nephros Ministries — Biblical, emotional healing, prayer sessions to those that struggle with depression, or have lost someone to suicide
  • — Using What is Broken to Boldly Shine
  • Evelyn Leite, MHR, LPC — Addiction, mental health, and grief counseling, via telephone, Facebook, public speaking, and groups


  • A Center for Training and Restoration
  • Fire Fighter Behavioral Health Alliance — Mission is to collaborate, develop and implement behavioral health awareness, prevention, intervention, and post-crisis strategies to provide firefighters with an easily accessible and confidential source of information.
  • Question. Persuade. Refer. Gatekeeper and Facilitator Training — Three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness — The nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.
  • The Recovery Villiage — The Recovery Village Columbus Drug and Alcohol Rehab, offers comprehensive addiction treatment, including detox and inpatient rehab, led by specialists with heart and know-how.
  • Drug Rehab — We provide information, resources, and treatment for people battling addiction and related conditions. Our mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and pursue lifelong recovery.
  • Adapt For Life— We help young people lead healthy lives and become mentally fit. We visit schools to talk with students about mental health, teach them important life skills, and offer resources they can use to help themselves and others.

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Suicide & Prevention Hotline

National Suicide Hotline

If you or a loved one are in immediate danger, call the National Suicide Lifeline at 988 or go to the website at