Turning the Page on Suicide

Speaking hope into the life of another was born out of a drive to equip anyone touched by depression and suicide.

As a mother who lost a child to suicide, overnight I became an expert on depression and suicide. With a soul quake of this magnitude, I could either, embrace life on the other side of the grave or die with my son.

I chose to live, study, write, speak, and testify that there is hope on the other side of depression and suicide.

Testimonial: The topic of suicide, and the grief that follows, is one I am all too familiar with. What could Karisa Moore say that wouldn’t bring the heaviness of those days roaring back?


The fear of reliving all those emotions calmed when I found she led listeners to the feet of Jesus. Karisa guides you with His word sharing the healing and strength she has found in the pages of scripture. Like the Psalmist David, she brings you on her journey as she cries out to her Lord in anger, despair, praise, gratitude, and HOPE.

Not the talk I anticipated.

I left the room, not with a heavy heart, but with a heart full of truth and HOPE. Karisa’s raw and real approach is captivating. Her encouragement brings glory to God and will ignite in you a desire to draw closer and feel His love more completely.

— Michele, Women’s Retreat Attendee

Speaking Topics & Workshops

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Interactive Single Session Discussion

Question and Answer Style Conversation About Depression and Suicide

  • Karisa shares her family’s experience with depression and suicide and invites her audience into the conversation through a Q & A, role-play, study of scriptural responses to depression.
  • She’ll help you develop a mental health toolbox of resources and a response plan for yourself and others.
  • She’ll show you how to look for signs of depression and offer signs of hope.
Workshops and Multiple Sessions

Training for Lay Leaders in Care for Families in Mental Health Crisis

  • Karisa leads a workshop on how to write your own testimony of hope.
  • She shares a parent’s perspective on our mental health crisis and equips the church with resources to comfort and support families in crisis.
Single Session

Testimony of God's Tenacious Love

  • Triumphant and transparent Karisa testifies to the joy, encouragement, and hope she experienced while walking through grief after the loss of her son.
  • She’ll share in detail her own struggle with depression and suicide and her journey to faith as a young adult. She reveals the spiritual habits formed to maintain Christ-centered mental health.
Single or Multiple Sessions

Depression and Mental Illness in the Bible

  • What does the Bible say about the source of despair?
  • What hope and healing are found for mental health in scripture?
  • How did Christ respond to those in a mental health crisis?
Multiple Workshops

Creative Writing an Art to Express Depression, Grief, and Hope

  • Karisa found hope and healing as she untangled her emotions and despair through writing.
  • She will teach essential writing tools to help untangle emotions and despair and process reasons to hope on paper.
  • She’ll share healing poetry from her book  Broken Butterflies and invite participants to join her in an artistic journaling response.
Middle/High School Talk - 20-30 minutes

Telling Our Full Story

  • Share a fifteen-minute testimony emphasizing the importance of building healthy, solid relationships, recognizing the signs of depression in ourselves and others, and how to push back against despair and ask for help.
  • Q&A
Suicide & Prevention Hotline

National Suicide Hotline

If you or a loved one are in immediate danger, call the National Suicide Lifeline at 988 or go to the website at https://988lifeline.org/