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Resetting My Mission: Together2016 Prayer Rally on the Washington Mall

Isaiah 61:1 The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me,
            Because the LORD has anointed me
            To bring good news to the afflicted;
            He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
            To proclaim liberty to captives
            And freedom to prisoners . . .

Brian and I just got back from Together2016.



Before Together2016:

  • Spiritual battle: I was struggling to trust God’s goodness and sovereignty in my husband’s illness, prayer, blogging, reading scripture all became 10X harder
  • Physical: I barely slept all week, Brian’s vertigo reached epic proportions by Tuesday, Daniel woke up crying out in pain and I was fighting sinus issues that was beginning to mess with my ears
  • Mind: I couldn’t process or remember things and I wasn’t sure that I could even engage the D.C trip enough to make it worth our while
  • Heart: I was growing bitter and angry

I felt cut off from God. I did not feel his hand guiding us through the ugliness of our circumstances. All I could see is that he wasn’t healing Brian and allowing more struggles than either of us could withstand.

What I didn’t know, until this morning, is that my 6 (almost 7) year old daughter checked on her daddy regularly throughout Monday, and each time she prayed for him. She prayed specifically that he would be well and be able to make the trip to D.C.

Wednesday morning Brian woke up with such exuberance and stayed that way the rest of the week, in spite of some rough moments physically. I sought medical care for my ears and the kids sang VBS songs every day with such passion that it ministered to my weary soul. Even when I struggled to cry out, God knew what I needed!

After Together2016

  • I am returning with a clear mission: I am to speak boldly into the darkness
  • Surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses  (some who are now new friends) I WILL NOT QUIT!
  • I am  encouraged by a nation turning to pray for healing in the midst of so much world pain
  • I heard clearly from God
  • I am closer to my husband
  • Reset of purpose, and strengthened in offering the reason for the hope I have!
  • Abiding in Christ and trusting God with what I cannot see or fathom.




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