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I Believe You Love Me

I attempt to stuff your love

into boundaries of understanding.

Horror and pleasure

of an all knowing, powerful God

relating to man.

You are no idol carved by

my own hands.


I repulse your holiness.

Hiding my nakedness behind the lushness

of creation, fearing your


You call,

“Walk with me!”

Infinity fitting into finite

Inviting belief–love

so vast choosing to fit

into a heart

grounded by the gravity

of sin.

On a Mission from God is not just for the Blues Brothers

Not every day you see a man and his goat walking down the street! But that was the unique view out my car window yesterday. Today I found out that Steve-the man and Leroy Brown-the goat, are trekking across the United States because they felt called by God to do so. According to their website: “The goal of Needle2Square is to raise enough funds to purchase an orphanage and land for Uzima Outreach [Kenya] so they can have a more permanent location and become self-sustaining.” What is your mission?

We all have one. A God given purpose on this planet. When I was much younger I heard the story of Bill Borden and it left a lasting impression on me. He was a young missionary who turned others towards missions and brought many of the hardest hearts to Christ. He was extremely wealthy and could have lived a safe and cushy life, but he was so burden for world that he found his reward in Jesus Christ. He made an impact wherever he went, turning many at Yale, where he attended college, towards God. He ministered to those the world rejected as hopeless. But, while preparing in Egypt to minister to Muslims, Bill contracted spinal meningitis at the age of 25 and died. Game over right? Not the end of Bill’s story at all.

His mission influences mine today. Once again his words from his journal came back to me and encourage me as I prepare to minister to those most say are without hope. “No reserves” and “No retreats,” and “No regrets.” Those words send many missionaries today out into the field. In Borden’s short 25 years he did far more for furthering the kingdom than most do in a lifetime. Why? Was he somehow different from you and I, was he more blessed, more charismatic, more godly?

No! He was simply more obedient. That is all it takes for you and I to stop tripping over sin, and getting tangled up in doubts, and watered down Christianity. Again from Borden’s journal,  “Say ‘no’ to self and ‘yes’ to Jesus every time.”

Paul said that he had learned the key to being content no matter what his circumstances, whether he had a lot or a little. He could do all things through Christ who strengthens him. (Philippians 4:12-13) Borden had grabbed that same key, and now I grasp ahold of it as well. Not only can I obey Jesus every time, but he gives me the strength to do so! This isn’t a key for a select few. It is a key for all of us. How cool is that. About as cool as seeing a man and his goat on a mission from God raising funds to help Kenya! Can you commit to saying yes to Jesus every time?

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