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My GPS is Taking Me to China: God’s Navigating Me to His Perfect Will

My GPS was navigating me to China today! My husband and I stood in the middle of downtown Chicago, trying to get to lunch and every street the “navigation” device added streets, had us standing on Michigan when were actually on Grande or highlighted no route at all. I put the electronic map away and asked a doorman how to get to our destination. Five minutes later we arrived.

The Holy Spirit is the ultimate navigation system for my life. But, I don’t always seek my spiritual counselor. I’ve had a lot of voices telling me things about my son’s death, the reasons for it, my role and how to respond. Today I am like the little girl, in front of my husband and I, who sat down on the sidewalk in a toddler tantrum refusing to walk another inch until her desires were met by her parents. I really feel stuck. I keep asking God for directions–and he if he doesn’t answer to my satisfaction I turn to following my own navigation system, which has always been wonky.

Sometimes we are just plain asking and trusting the wrong sources to solve our global positioning issues. We will worship a golden calf if we think it will get us to the promise land quicker, or we whine to go back to Egypt if we think where God is leading us is to fraught with danger and trials. We want the easiest plan from point A to B, and when God takes us through deserts, around buildings 7 times, to the cross, and through loss and brokenness, we cannot accept that His navigation system is accurate.

God isn’t limited by time, space, circumstances, fear or anything else interfering with our human MapQuest. We will get from point A to point B–it may be through a whale or well, but his GPS never fails to make it to its destination. Question is will I follow?

One things for sure, I got my 10,000 steps in today!

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