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Thursday Trails: Stepping Outside of Depression

I love hiking the trails out our local nature parks. I don’t think, I don’t worry, and I don’t plot and plan. I am a child, with a camera and my God becomes bigger than my depression, insomnia and grief. Time stands still as…

“I Just Want to Die”: Words of Deepest Pain

Questions I plan on asking myself:

•What am I doing in my depression?

•Am I allowing God to provide food, water, and rest?

•Am I confessing my fears?

•Am I isolated?

•Am I remembering?

•What am I listening to?

Word Ladder

I Need to Tell My Story Without Reliving It

Today I give my first speech. You’d think as much as I write out encouragement to you that this step would be easy, but it’s not. My passion for you moves me forward, but my emotions make me want to hide in my turtle…

Questions for those who Grieve

Been a bit occupied with a certain mouse these past few days so I haven’t had a chance to write until today. Extravagant fun is hard for me. I know its early, but I’d kind of like to stop searching for Jonathan in the crowd….

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