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I Need to Tell My Story Without Reliving It

Today I give my first speech. You’d think as much as I write out encouragement to you that this step would be easy, but it’s not. My passion for you moves me forward, but my emotions make me want to hide in my turtle shell. No matter my personality, I am realizing that I must learn to speak to people with more ease. Face to face is a necessity when addressing all the levels at which I may be called to speak.

Standing in the G.A.P. (Gather, Assess, Provide) covers so many entities. I will need to speak effectively to schools, churches, medical providers, mental health professionals, judges, lawyers, parents, and teens. So I joined Toastmasters International. Look for one in your area if you want to learn how to give effective presentations.


Made it through the speech with excellent feedback.

Things to work on:

Reduce my need for notes, slow down and make more eye contact.

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