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I am a Beautiful Disaster: Letting God use all aspects of our lives

Today I locked my self out of the house. Our garage door is broken, so the whole routine is out of whack. My husband had physical therapy today, so I needed to take the kids to school. My cell phone is dead, so I had to run over to my neighbor’s to call Brian . . . straight to voice-mail. So I called the physical therapist office. . . voicemail. Maybe I can catch him before his sessions over. I hopped in the car and drove over to the office. He had gotten the message and left the keys for me. Back home to get a quick change for the gym and back out.

Are you exhausted already by the start of my day? Now I’m laughing, but in the moment I realized my keys were on the inside and I was on the outside, my mind was racing to find a solution. How did your day start?

We can feel this way spiritually. We’re scrambling to figure out this whole God thing. Is he real-is he not? Is he good-is he not. Why does he let bad things happen to us? What is his plan for my life? Who is in charge, him or me? We lock ourselves out of his will and then blame God.

What if each moment, even my getting locked out were for a purpose? I thought about skipping the gym, I was going to be late for class. But my desire for consistency and discipline won out. If God works all things to good (that does mean that all things are good) for those who love him and are called according to his purpose- Romans 8:28, then my day to day experiences are beautiful. I love the song Beautiful Disaster. That is what I am, and I love God for taking my brokenness and making me shine like the stars!

If your day started like mine, take a moment to read Romans 8. You might see that there isn’t a single part of you that is not the hands of our creator! Even if the purpose of my mess is only to encourage others beautiful disasters to let go of having it all together.

3 responses to “I am a Beautiful Disaster: Letting God use all aspects of our lives”

  1. Hi, my background was pretty disastrous. Hold on, I’m getting to the point … At one point, after my father had nearly killed me, biting my hand so it swelled, I was 5, my mother came home that day with a blazer of many colours. I tried it on, and the pain in my arm was excruciating, but my 5 year old self could not vocalise this. Where was God I asked myself as an adult. Fast forward to present day, I remember Joseph and his coat of many colours and the story. Joseph did not hold malice but was forgiving of his brothers. God used him. I look back at my 5 year old self with my aching arm and my little blazer of many colours. God was there, and out of a terrible situation, I can now use that to be compassionate to others in a way that perhaps I could not if I had not suffered so. Your penultimate paragraph resonates with me.

    • bkmoore says:

      I am currently writing a book on Joseph. May I use your story?

      • Of course you may. You are most welcome to use my story. Of course, this is a condensed version for the purposes of the blog. In a testimonial, I wrote a fuller version. I never thought that 55 years after that incident took place I would be writing about it on a blog site. The Lord works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform! Please tell me a little bit more about your book, when you have time – I’m fascinated!

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