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Hope Snuggled Beneath Death (Haiku)

Snowflakes sooth my soul,

While silent seeds of spring drink

–Snuggled beneath death.

7 responses to “Hope Snuggled Beneath Death (Haiku)”

  1. luckykaye says:

    Love this, especially ‘the silent seeds of spring’

  2. I like the aliteration, and the contrasts. Well crafted and gentle on the ears.

  3. Your sorrow and hope are both palpable. Your Haiku is a great ode to the cycle of life.

  4. This piece is absolutely lovely and a most enchanting way of expressing the eternal truth that life surely does triumph over death.

  5. 3skay says:

    The title had me hooked and you had a brilliant play with the imagery there. Nicely done, congratulation on the completion of assignment number 1

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