Learn More About Eating Disorders – Overcome Together With Others

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Facing Pregnancy while Fighting an Eating Disorder

By Co-Host Angel From Vision61.Com

It is a fact that far more women struggle with eating disorders than men. Many of these women will eventually have to face the struggles of their eating disorder along with pregnancy and motherhood.

How do you fight your eating disorder during pregnancy?


How do you talk to your children about your eating disorder?

Marie Notcheva has answered both of the above questions on her blog, Redeemed from the Pit. There she has talked openly about her past struggles with an eating disorder, and how God has delivered her. As you read, you will find that she is passionate about helping others find grace and healing through the Lord.

She has been transparent enough to even discuss how her struggle affected her pregnancies, and she hopes to help others who find themselves struggling in this area.

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