Worry, Stress, and Jack Sparrow: How a Pirate Taught Me to Rely on God in the Face of Devastating Illness

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Give Us This Day Our PBJ

Believe it or not, I bring Jack Sparrow with me whenever I take my mom to the hospital (which, unfortunately, happens to be a lot these days). And no, I don’t mean I watch Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean on an iPad while we wait to see the doc. I mean I take CaptainJack Sparrow to the hospital. Now, before you get my white jacket and padded cell ready, let me explain.

The other day, I was watching a video of Johnny Depp visiting a children’s hospital. Of course, since Johnny Depp is almost as eccentric and whimsical as the character he plays, he couldn’t visit the children in anything other than full pirate costume. In fact, simply dressing for the part wasn’t enough for this occasion. No, he was in full Jack Sparrow mode, swaggering through the halls of the hospital as if the Black Pearl had just…

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