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The Discipline of Depression: Finding What Works in the Midst of What isn’t Working

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

What do you do, no matter what? Especially if you suffer from depression, I’d really like to compile a list of helpful habits as a resource to others. Since Jonathan’s death the two places that I am most under attack are in the car, and in the late evenings. I have limited the amount of driving I do. My mind is a landmine of destructive thoughts when I am exhausted, so opening myself up to even the news in the evening seems to fuel depression as I try to sleep.


Daily habits that lift your spirits

Example: Singing hymns

Making my bed (seems small, but completing this task daily leads to bigger completions)

Scriptures you bring to mind

The habit of avoidance:

Not staying up late alone

Avoiding TV after 9

Peace in Midst of Sorrow
Peace in Midst of Sorrow
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  1. Carolyn Carolyn

    I listen to music and turn off the tv. Take a walk if possible

    • Great habits. Thanks Carolyn.

  2. This is great, thank you. I have been depressed the last couple days and this is helpful. I’m also extremely tired, and been driving a lot. Guess it’s time to go home and take a nap instead of keep pushing!

    • I heard of a lady who was struggling with depression and started taking a regular afternoon nap. She was getting midnight visits by girls in crisis and that nap gave her the energy to be present with them.

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