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Manger Alter

Ramen Noodles were a mothers desperate attempt at feeding her child who could not keep food down. It was a favorite food. I did not understand how much my heart was entangled in this simple pleasure until my husband asked if he could donate it to the food bank. He had no idea I had purchased the unopened package for Jonathan until I choked out the words.

It sat in my Lazy Susan for two years. How my heart aches! To give voice to my pain, to identify my sorrow, is an opportunity to let go of anything that hinders me from pressing forward. I have been deeply hindered this Christmas. The constant abscess of grief is wearing my spirit to rags.  So, after having Brian check the expiration date–do Ramen Noodles ever expire? –I offered it to my king (laughter is good medicine) and asked that it may bless the belly of the hungry soul who receives it.

What is sitting in your Lazy Susan this year? Can you let go?


2 responses to “Manger Alter”

  1. TamrahJo says:

    Ah, dear cousin, Morgan liked Ramen noodles, too – until the year he got the flu not long after ingesting them – and now, given my own memories, I chafe and am shocked when the 2nd born asks if I could ‘purchase’ some ‘noodles’ for quick meals – NO! Says I! For I’m sure it is tempting the Fates too much! May your hard path find some respite in peace and joy, this season when the memories and hurts hit hard and furious.

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