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“To Lie Passive in His Hands.”

“For so he giveth his beloved sleep.” — Psalm 127:2

In my last post I spoke of not striving, but abiding in Christ for what I lack. I may sit here a while, as the Lord seems to have something for me here.  Today I stumbled upon a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon  entitled, The Peculiar Sleep of the Beloved.

I have tried to understand why I struggle with sleep, to feel rested, and why God has not removed this thorn from my flesh so that I can better have the energy to glorify him. I strive to sleep. Many of you understand at the deepest level my suffering. Spurgeon and the Psalmist reminds us that God gives sleep to his beloved, no striving necessary.

I believe that this is why Jesus was able to sleep in the boat when the disciples were panicking during the storm. Or how Peter could sleep, chained between two guards, or many men and women of faith, who faced certain death could rest before their execution.

There are so many aspects I love in Spurgeon’s sermon, but of course poetry speaks to me the most. He quotes Madam Guyon (A French Mystic, and amazing Christian influence of her time).

To me tis equal, whether love ordained,

My life or death, appoint me pain or ease;

My soul perceives no real ill in pain,

In ease or health, no real good she sees.

One good she covets, and that good alone,

To choose thy will, from selfish bias free,

And to prefer a cottage to a throne,

And grief to comfort, if it pleases thee.

That we should bear the cross is thy command —

Die to the world, and live to sin no more;

Suffer unmoved beneath the rudest hand,

As pleased when shipwrecked, as when safe on shore.


Are you shipwrecked like me? Do you look at the ship, tossed and smashed again and again as equal to the life on calm seas? I am honestly not pleased with my circumstances, I don’t fully trust God yet in all things. I am asking God to help me with my unbelief and he is answering! Rest dearly beloved, as a free gift. He will not let us falter in his love!

Grow to do one thing, and do it well. Abide (live in) His love for you. Amen!


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  1. Love how you are so honest!! He is always working in our lives and wants us to trust Him..and that’s hard for some of us..but as long as we continue to seek Him..we will be able to fully..keep the faith!! 😊

    • Thank you Andi. Love your blog.

      • Thank you!!! 😊

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