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I Am A Tomb Raider

Hope, lit in abstract is easily

Snuffed out by passionate loneliness.

Attempts to breathe, clotted by

veins scarred by sorrow.

Eyes, scaled by experience and


Closed in sleep against the cruelties

Of the world.


I’m not afraid to climb into the ditch with you,

I’ve dug this grave before.

Grave digger turned grave robber.

Joined, a band of brothers and sisters, saturated

In the oil of faith,

searching tombs of darkness for a pulse, because you matter

To me.

The torch of our souls leaning close to

living corpses already making beds of graves.

Relentless in calling Lazarus from the

tomb. It is not your time yet.

I am hope, concrete with dirty fingers.




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  1. Just wow! I can’t even describe what I love about this do much! You have such a way with words and the flow if the piece only seems to add to its context. Amazing work with such an eccentric idea. Love it.

  2. You are relentless. Your love pursues the very ones who feel unloveable. Just like your Father. Good job!!

    • He pursued me! There is nothing like experiencing love that is relentless.

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