Past or Present: The Finish Line is Ahead not Behind Us

I needed this reminder today as I struggle with dwelling on the grave.

Turning the Page on Suicide

Grief is not made for fence sitters. At this level it will either make or break you, there really is no in-between.. Grief reveals what you believe in your heart and then begs the question, “What are you going to do about it?” Do we define ourselves by what is taken from us or by what God has given to us?

Last night I melted down. Not because of bad things, but because through Jonathan’s death others, also deeply struggling,  are choosing life. As good and amazing as those miracles are, I found myself saying, but I want Jonathan! Natural right.

Actually those of us who believe in Jesus Christ, who are being led by the Spirit and not our nature, need to be maturing towards believing death where is your sting! Otherwise, every time I am reminded of what I have lost rather than what has been gained, I am undone…

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5 Comments on “Past or Present: The Finish Line is Ahead not Behind Us

  1. Hang In There, Cousin! Huge Hugs to you from Colorado – Ya know – I’ve had a rough day, too – trying to work and kept trying to do accounting date entries/date paperwork, etc., all with “06/07/90” – Morgan’s B-day – I LOVE YOU and we will Find away to fight the demons back when they seem ready to overtake us! 🙂

    • Ouch, hugs cuz! I was just getting back on here to fight back! lol Thank you for the hooah!

      • Sorry if my share to say, “Yup – I know it and you walk not alone” was an ouchie – I really ought to learn to keep my ‘mouth shut’ or social media turned off – LOL – BUT Hugs, Loves and Cheer for Us to Persevere, Survive, and Win the battle, over and over if need be, are unchanged and not sorry for that – at all! LUB! 🙂

      • OOHHH! Thanks for the clarification – ! Ya know, when I get stressed out beyond belief, I go right to everything being my fault and causing pain where none was intended! 🙂 LUB, Cuz! and thank you for letting this crazy lady understand! 🙂

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