I needed this reminder today as I struggle with dwelling on the grave.


  1. Hang In There, Cousin! Huge Hugs to you from Colorado – Ya know – I’ve had a rough day, too – trying to work and kept trying to do accounting date entries/date paperwork, etc., all with “06/07/90” – Morgan’s B-day – I LOVE YOU and we will Find away to fight the demons back when they seem ready to overtake us! 🙂

      1. Sorry if my share to say, “Yup – I know it and you walk not alone” was an ouchie – I really ought to learn to keep my ‘mouth shut’ or social media turned off – LOL – BUT Hugs, Loves and Cheer for Us to Persevere, Survive, and Win the battle, over and over if need be, are unchanged and not sorry for that – at all! LUB! 🙂

      2. OOHHH! Thanks for the clarification – ! Ya know, when I get stressed out beyond belief, I go right to everything being my fault and causing pain where none was intended! 🙂 LUB, Cuz! and thank you for letting this crazy lady understand! 🙂

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