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If you struggle with seizures, I encourage you to check out Lowell Evan’s work in deepeng understanding of epilepsy.

Lowell, it was wonderful meeting you in D.C., blessings upon you.

Courage to Shine™

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By Lowell G. Evans

I was born on November 7, 1960, the youngest of nine (9) children. My hometown where I was raised is Gloucester, VA. My parents were the best anyone could ask for as everyone who knew them looked up to them for the way they treated others.  This truly made our family “close.”

In 1980 while playing basketball in college in Norfolk, Va. I had a fall that later caused me to develop epilepsy. This was something that was totally new to me and also something I could not believe or accept. This was diagnosed when I had a seizure in the early morning in my dorm room. With the seizure, I was totally unconscious so when I came to and saw the paramedics standing beside my bed, I quickly asked my roommate, “Are you o.k.?’ He looked at me like I was crazy and I guess…

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