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Wise Wednesdays: Who are the Experts on Depression?

Many of us have experienced multiple treatment outlets for depression. Who do you feel has helped you, or your love ones the most? I would love your insights in the comments as well.

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2 responses to “Wise Wednesdays: Who are the Experts on Depression?”

  1. I have found the most help this year through prayer, crying out to the Lord and reading His Word. But, there is a support group I’ve been going to that has been a huge blessing, especially with holiday season coming on. It’s GriefShare and it’s a national organization. I was very hesitant to go because I’m very private with “feelings”. But the videos and workbook have been fantastic. And biblically sound. I will definitely recommend to others, as it’s been beneficial for understanding my personal grief. Not in comparing my grief to other’s.

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