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An Earthquaked Soul

No words, just erupted scream–

an earthquaked soul

in the crumbled devastation of a child “deceased”.

And with equal force the Spirit pushed back

against caving walls of motherhood.

Opening resurrection doors

to the Father’s will

that no temporary grave consumes. Building

fortified love and hope where there

are no words, just a heart that welcomes orphans in.

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  1. This is exquisite in its sadness and truth and power. Bless you.

    • Thank you. I am finding that frailness and strength are glued together by obedience.

      • wow that’s an incredible line just there – the image of it. I think I understand. If we obey our need to carry on, somehow we do, even if we are (still) frail and (still) feeling all that we feel, we have somehow the strength. I don’t doubt it, I admire the truth and pain of your words and that you shared them.

      • Still frail and still feeling. Love that! It is a vulnerable place, but so worth the outcome.

      • Very true words from a lovely soul♡

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