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Spirit of Despair (Response Prompt)

I am elevated emptiness

puffed up with my will.

I cradle and nurse fear like a

mother with starved child

I breathe deeply, as I pinch your oxygen

I am the shiver that shadows your spine,

always creeping in the open doors of

crowded confidence.


You can’t escape me,

human gods. You elevate to

pedestals and put crowns on achievement.

I find the cracks in

your stoic status and crumble

saints and sinners with the

tap, tap,

of my chisel of



Poetry is posted every Thursday at 7pm (Garment of Joy Next Week)

One of my favorite ways to write poems is to respond to other poets. Are you up for the challenge? How would you respond to someone battling the Spirit of Despair? How would you offer hope? What weapons would you use? Link back to this post and place your link in the comments.

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  1. Kay Kay

    This is really good. Very intense and raw.

    • Karisa Moore Karisa Moore

      Thank you Kay. Your right, the poem is bit like C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. Pondering the strategy and attack of the enemy is not pleasant.

  2. I am in awe of the depth of emotion you show in your poetry. Stunning at times and heart wrenching at other times. Thank you for your raw honesty.

    • Karisa Moore Karisa Moore

      Thank you Terri.

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