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Suicide in the Abstract

Suicide happens in the abstract.
Thoughts, fears, loss; all pile, unnamed.

Pour concrete into despair
Reveal color, shape, texture, and dimension
and take a sledge hammer to

One response to “Suicide in the Abstract”

  1. TamrahJo says:

    yup – or, find enough energy to get mad and rage against the dark/night/injustice – whatever keeps ya going till the abstract is more manageable or you can live with it – :). But that’s just me – folks accuse me of being angry at times, and all I can say is, “well, good thing I get angry, otherwise, I would’ve given up decades ago – ” Whatever works to hold on until one is certain and not just listening to ghosts – 🙂

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Suicide & Prevention Hotline

National Suicide Hotline

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