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Dark Side Lightened

I benefit from this anguish.
Your judgment that finds faith
lacking. You reveal secrets.
Pull truth from my heart like
a colorful magician’s scarf. I choke
on the hate. Vomit anger, and
bite down on the bitterness of repulsive
slavery. I weep.

And still,
you empty me.

Remember my image to me, the
heart you canvased in my mother’s womb.
Brushstroke light, concealed in
despair. Display
a masterpiece through the shadows of my suffering.

Dedicated to the many children who experience abuse.

5 responses to “Dark Side Lightened”

  1. Karisa Moore says:

    I am on my Facebook Page for the next half hour if you have questions about the poem or abuse.

  2. Anne Eason says:

    This is so lovely, Karisa. And the dedication makes it particularly meaningful.

  3. Jeannie Waters says:

    What well-crafted words for a serious topic, Karisa

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