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Clocking In

Gothic Angel Holding a Clock

I didn’t quit my job of loving,
When you stopped punching your time card.
I clock in to life,
Heart uncallused by the rough, 24-hour, work of losing.
I freely hope, with splinters of grief digging deep into my soul.
Faith, joy, and compassion embrace the world
With a work ethic that suicide cannot render unconscious
To the world around me.

A poem from Broken Butterflies Emerging Through Grief

Turning Your Page

Your story is powerful. Knowing what caused you to turn the pages on the hardest day of your past can help you to turn the page on the hardest page now.

  • Meditate on the verse: ” Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people” (Philemon 1:7 NIV).
  • Journal about a day that was difficult as a child, adolescent, first job. Identify the elements that made it hard. Did someone hurt you? Were you in constant physical pain? What did you believe about yourself at the moment?
  • What helped you to move forward to take hold of the next day?
  • Did someone encourage your spirit or stand up for you? Did you take a walk? Sleep on it? Speak truth over the situation?

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6 responses to “Clocking In”

  1. Your poetry conveys such deep meaning, Karisa, and your practical tips are well-thought out and positive. What a blessing!

  2. Julie Lavender says:

    Thank you for sharing! It’s helpful to me as well to remember other “hard times” God pulled me through, right by my side, when other hard days appear.

  3. Barb Fox says:

    Raw and real, while determined to point toward hope and away from despair. Thank you for the practical advice and being willing to talk about a topic that most of us would rather leave at arm’s length.

    • Karisa Moore says:

      Thank you Barb. Life is still worth living, even after a loss of this magnitude. May grieving with hope encourage you and others to live life to the fullest. Come what may.

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