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Ugly Duckling Interupted: Acrostic

You Were Always a Swan

You Were Always a Swan

Such an ugly duckling.” the others cackled, slapping the water in agreement.
(Your head ducked),
Under the burden of shameful stares.
(You swam away),
 Inclined to believe what others say.
 Couldn’t see the swan swimming smooth as silk on the other side of the reeds.
 Inside yourself for true identity.
(Your answers)
Decidedly never came.
Ended the story before your clouded reflection cleared.

10 responses to “Ugly Duckling Interupted: Acrostic”

  1. Juliet Qoey says:

    Intense…. Lovely poem. If only they knew that it was just a passing cloud, they would endure for a lovely turn around.

  2. How many never find their true value…the hope & love that was always there. This was beautifully expressed.

  3. rubyr8 says:

    Sadly true and beautiful, sometimes we can’t see through our present pains.
    The title reminds me of “Girl: Interrupted” , a movie Angelina Jolie acted in.

  4. Powerful words, bkmoore. Thank you for the transparent and real talk.

  5. bkmoore says:

    Reblogged this on Turning the Page on Suicide and commented:

    Find out that you are a Swan! Your story is worth completing.

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