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Redeem This Day

For You have delivered my soul from death, and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.

Psalm 49:15

Turning My Page

Tomorrow is an anniversary no one in my family wants to relive. Yet, every year, July 1st still arrives and we have to decide what to do with it. The sadness swallowed me up today so my husband asked me to share special memories of Jonathan.

Remembering and laughing brought me out of my funk and made me realize that I would have to be intentional about tomorrow.

  • Lord, I acknowledge that you are redeeming the ruins of my yesterday.
  • I remember and invite others to remember and share with me their memories of Jonathan’s character, his love for God, family, and friends, and the adventures and laughter
  • Have lunch at Moes
  • Sing and record my video on Psalms at the beach
  • Photograph what brings me joy and peace
  • Raise our Jarritos in memory of Jonathan

Father, redeem July 1st, and may I honor you, your love for Jonathan, and the perfect peace you give to me. Suicide is not the whole story. Amen


Turning Your Page

Do you have a day you need redeemed? Notice what makes the day hard. It may be injustice, it may be loss, anger. Don’t shy away from what you feel, because those emotions are as much a part of revealing God’s redemption as the good ones. There are so many things in this life that hurt. Learn to feel, but continue to write your story through the pain.

  • What makes the day hard? Sum up why this day seems to unwind any progress or growth you have made since your first moment of trauma.
  • Are there others who can help you through this day? List out some activities that bring you joy and pick one to do on your hard day.
  • Pick a song, psalm, or passage as your focus to read out loud throughout the day or meditate on. Acknowledge your heartache while moving your thoughts towards God’s perspective on your suffering.

Lord on my hardest day, you were there. Though all I may be able to do is cling to you when I remember that day, I know that you care for my every wound and bring healing and wholeness to my broken soul. Amen



6 responses to “Redeem This Day”

  1. Will be praying you through the day Ms. Karisa. It takes more time that many think, but as we learn through grieving with God, He can and will eventually remove the pain associated with days, events, and other things that leave scars in our lives. While the memory remains, He allows us to focus on the good and not the painful. Praying you will one day find that pain-free joy. God’s blessings sweet friend.

    • Karisa Moore says:

      Thank you J.D. Knowing others understand this grief and report back that the giant of grief isn’t bigger than my God is a comfort. So I press into all God has to teach me today and raise my hands in praise.

  2. Monty Hobbs says:

    Thank you for sharing such a personal time. The words you give are strong and wise. I’ve shared on twitter and fb so your words will be there to help someone else.

  3. Karisa, This is the first time I’ve stopped at your blog. God bless you as you turn the page each day and write words from your heart to encourage others in their hardest places. Grief changes and shapes us but I know from my experience, God will not waste pain. Peace and grace to you today, Marilyn

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