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Unfair Fight

I shouldn’t be standing.
You’ve twisted and broken my body so many times
The count should be over.
How many knockout punches can I sustain?

As many as He allows.

You should have known you’d lose.
My manager bought the match with His life.
He already wears the crown,
King of kings and Lord of lords and I
get to share in His glory.

3 responses to “Unfair Fight”

  1. Jan Powell says:

    I agree and we all need these words to encourage us in the battles we face Jesus has won so we are on the winning team. Amen

    • Karisa Moore says:

      The constant fight can wear us ragged. Be encouraged, friend. You and so many others have been in my corner, reminding me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, who already won the match. Thank you.

  2. Kathy Collard Miller says:

    Wow! So much truth spoken into so few words. I’m punched in my heart with God’s love–in a very beautiful way. Thank you, Karisa.

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