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Model of Forgiveness

How do I turn the other cheek?

Do I glare down my enemy with
kindness? Slap them over the head with
generosity? Silence them with my devoutness?
Humiliate them with my humility?

The goal of forgiveness can’t be to glorify self.
“Look at me. I’m better than them.”

I know no other way to forgive than to
take up my cross and follow Jesus.
To  train taut muscles ready
for revenge to submit to God’s will.

When I recognize that He sweated and bled
for both my enemy and I,
forgiveness becomes a gritty
part of who I am—a scream of 0bedience—not a selfish sacrifice
to force the other person to change.

Forgiveness has no return receipt.

2 responses to “Model of Forgiveness”

  1. Kathy Collard Miller says:

    Thank you, Karisa. It truly is a battle to fight against revenge and unforgiveness. I’m training my spiritual muscles to submit to God’s will.

    • Karisa Moore says:

      I’m so grateful that we don’t fight alone. May God continue to equip you with His Word, and allies who support and hold you accountable. You have encouraged me so much in the area of forgiveness.

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