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No Longer Unraveled

The world pulled the thread
of my fragile existence, and I
unraveled to nothing.

God found
a lump of thread unsure
of use.
Colored fragments of  His

Unhindered by my
knotted abuse
He untangled and restored order.

Knit me together, humming
tenderly as He wove my new life,
pink with purpose.

Woven into a tapestry of eternity.
I am a sturdy cord of three strands,
no longer alone.

2 responses to “No Longer Unraveled”

  1. Kathy Collard Miller says:

    Dear Karissa, your words always bless me and strengthen my confidence in God that whatever His plan is, He is “humming
    tenderly as He wove my new life,” I love that image. So full of joy and delight and confidence in His plans. He is never anxious or wondering if what He is doing is right. That calms my own mind and heart. Thank you for blessing.

    • Karisa Moore says:

      Thank you Kathy, The humming was the last line I wrote and seemed to come straight from His spirit to mine. A beautiful image of his relaxed love for us.

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