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Noticing Beauty While Depressed

For the Beauty

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Psalm 19:1 KJV

Turning My Page

There have been so many reminders in the past few weeks of God’s delight and presence in my life.

Everything is bursting with color and creativity. In the past few weeks, I have experienced spectacular skies filled with clouds that looked like they were painted on and vivid fall colors just outside my window. I’ve had to pull the car over to snap pictures and sit in awe of sunsets and sunrises over lakes and oceans. I feel like I am constantly slack jaw. The funny side effect of noticing beauty is that I breathe more deeply.







For the Beauty

My daughter’s humor never ceases to bring us joy.


And then there are my children. Their pumpkin creations this fall have brought


me endless giggles.  











Turning Your Page

Depression has an awful way of blinding us to the beauty around us. Noticing and delighting take practice when out of use. With God’s help, we can push back and declare what the Lord has done for us.

  • Record in words or pictures the beauty around you this week. Some are tiny, some are big, but all have the power to remind us that God is not distant and loves to delight our souls.
  • What scriptures speak of noticing the beauty of God’s creation?

Creator, just wow! You did all this for my well-being and delight? Thank you. Amen

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