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Gospel of Spring (Haiku)

Souls bubbling up, gushing with undeserved love. — the gospel of Spring.      

Thursday Trails: Stepping Outside of Depression

I love hiking the trails out our local nature parks. I don’t think, I don’t worry, and I don’t plot and plan. I am a child, with a camera and my God becomes bigger than my depression, insomnia and grief. Time stands still as…

Empty Play

Weekly Challenge: Opposites/Dissidence I was struck by the quiet stillness of a place usually bursting with sound and movement. All photos are shot with my Cyber-Shot DSC-H20.     A bike ride and morning of photography helped to clear some of the heartache.

Nature, An Open Book

Walking through nature is like climbing into the lap of God for story time. When I listen, I am reborn.    

Aired Out

Sucking in the stale air of depression, regurgitating regret day after day.   Throw open windows!   You broke the seal of our tomb of circumstances. Resurrect the fresh fragrance of hope planted in the sunshine of our dreams. Filter life through the curtains of our mourning soul and invite us to…

Nature’s Skyscrapers and Fall (Photo collection)


Country Sailor

Pulling up anchor from the crowded harbor of humanity, I navigate the steady sea of rolling waves of fertile green; planting peaceful rhythm within my weary sail. Opening my lungs to the purer, sweet saltiness of grass, animal and clay. Birds sail the seas of heaven,…

Escaping Depression: Finding peace in nature

Matthew 14:13 Now when Jesus heard about John, He withdrew from there in a boat to a secluded place by Himself. . . I have had two experiences in the woods since my son’s death and they both have lifted my spirits. How many…

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