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An Earthquaked Soul

No words, just erupted scream– an earthquaked soul in the crumbled devastation of a child “deceased”. And with equal force the Spirit pushed back against caving walls of motherhood. Opening resurrection doors to the Father’s will that no temporary grave consumes. Building fortified love…

Depression is a Grinch!

Love and Be Loved! Love holds out gifts to the darkest soul and has a way of transforming hearts of stone!

What Do You Thirst For?

Bathe in my Love

My child. Shake depression’s dust from your travel beaten soul and bathe in my pure love. Let me pour my healing fragrance over your wounds and give you rest.   I plucked you from the orphanage of death and clothed you in the rich threads of royalty. Everything…

Penny Poems

I deposit poems, like pennies, into the bank of your soul. Crack open when you need to splurge on hope.

Valuable Valentine

Trace the curves of Virtue, She softens your soul with her joy, and kneads stresses away with her attentive ear. How tenderly she leans into your perspective, and fills your world with fresh fragrance. Cradle her heart like a valuable valentine– You are nurturing the…


Depression is a pickpocket, Pinching souls of pluck.                

Pilot Light

Burning in the coldest soul is a pilot light fueled by the breath of God.    

Warm Yourself in My Eyes

May I sit awhile and warm my soul in your eyes? Eyes crackling and popping with stories stirred by my need for hope. Hope boasting of losses gained and tragic victories; Of dreams, love and faith. Faith refusing to be dampened by despair, quiet…

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