The Dented Fender: Tenacious Love

“Awe, Mom and Dad are kissing again!” my daughter announced to her brother as she caught us in the kitchen. “Aren’t they cute?” She sounded truly delighted. When they were little, their big brother taught them to say, “Ooh, gross,” anytime they saw us kissing. My husband and I began requiring at least three positive remarks from them before their comments turned to disgust, and very quickly the delight in their parents’ affection became a habit. We don’t hear disgust any longer, and we’re trying to teach some important lessons to them, besides.

We weren’t always so cute.  (Read More at the Dented Fender Blog)

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Redeem Today, Lord

“When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; he brought me into a spacious place. The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” (Psalm 118:5-6 NIV)

Last year I took July 7th, the day my son was buried, back. I entrusted God to bring life out of my son’s death from day one, but the 7th was one day of the year I was undone each year. My body, mind, and spirit melted into the sorrow.

I didn’t take the 7th back without forethought. I planned and prepared well in advance; surrounding myself with support, and purpose. Scripture became my rock and looking for God to do good things with the day became my focus. I didn’t try to anticipate Gods goodness, leaving the details of the day to Him, but I trusted and took joy in receiving His good gifts.

God Redeems the Hardest Days

What day does God want to reclaim in your life? Look at the debilitating moments you replay trauma and forget God brings life out of your impossibilities. Prepare to take back what the enemy stole.

God fights for us, and will not let the enemy have final say over us.

Lord, you make each day new. I acknowledge I’m tangled up in fear. Help me to give the gift of your love on the hardest days I have ever experienced. There is nothing in this life that is impossible for you. Amen