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Graceful Hope

Hope tilts the heavy head towards heaven,widens weary eyes to witness rescue,and laces up slippers foryou to dance in the fire of despair.

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Frozen Teenager

My walls look different.My son’s sad eyes stare backemptied of soul. Despair thinly maskedbehind smile. A frozen teenager. He doesn’t hand me new photos of girlfriend, wife, or family,at gatherings. He stares.Pleads.Add photos to your story. Hang snapshots of love, […]

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The Promise of Hope

I am a seed, DNA of hope, dyingto self so that others might live. Elevatedby Holy Spirit wind, to dispersegospel truth. Trusting nomatter the path blown,God will snuggle me deep into therich soil of His love and Iawaken, blooming in […]

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God Gets Personal in Grief

Hope! I see you turning this page, and then another, and another. One day you will look back on the story God is writing into your life and say, “Wow! I see the stars. I hear the music through the darkest nights.”

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Suicide Butterfly

A young lady, contemplating suicide inspired this poem. You can find it in: Broken Butterflies: Emerging Through Grief A wisp of beauty landed close to me.Separate, but the same.I marveled at its will to live.A vibrant delicate life,Short, yet powerful,Because […]

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A Mother’s Scream

Hold me Lord, as griefempties me of child,and yanks soul to the floor.Cover my naked sorrow withyour lullaby of peace,and drench me in yourtears of understanding. Turning Your Page “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor […]

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Suicide Hotline

National Suicide Hotline

If you or a loved one are in immediate danger, call the National Suicide Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or go to the website at