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What Do You Choose When You Stand on the Cliff?

The Upside to Being a Busy Bee


When the canvas is brushed black, And my vision can’t penetrate the opacity of your masterpiece–shadows of sorrow thicken. But, you keep painting over my doubts with sunrises.

Photo Challenge: Partners (Princess and the Frog)

Daily Prompt: Picture Challenge Location: Courtyard, just outside the American Girl store in Columbus. Shot with Sony Cyber-Shot

Psalm 139: God’s Complete Physical

Lord, you have given me a complete physical and you know the state of my mind, body, and soul. My daily planner lays open before you. My thoughts are front page news as you sip your morning coffee. When I leave for work, or…

What Helps

There have been several relief avenues that have emerged from my walking through this journey of grief. Some of them where childhood things left in the dust of adulthood, rediscovered. Others are completely new. Art: A friend invited me to join art class. I…

Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service The Jonathan Tree                         Daniel(8) and Natalie (6)   Cookies for Santa, My little shining lights, stain glass window in our church

2nd Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt

Natalie made her first trip to the farm with her class this year and it got me reminiscing about taking Jonathan to the farm with his class. He wasn’t too sure about “milking the cow”, but he loved the wagon ride and talking about…

2nd Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt

Last year I began a Christmas tradition of sharing a photo each day and inviting you to share your own photo of a similar activity or memory. Starting December 1st I will share some of my favorite memories of my son Jonathan and I encourage you…

Nature’s Skyscrapers and Fall (Photo collection)


The Discipline of Depression: Finding What Works in the Midst of What isn’t Working

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. What do you do, no matter what? Especially if you suffer from depression, I’d really like to compile a list…

Settled Smiles

I reach into photos, attempting CPR on settled smiles.

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