Resurrection Battle at the Tomb

Forgotten, I greeted you from the remembrances.
My home hollowed from wealth, ready to entertain kings and demons.
You crossed the unclean threshold of my grave, your royal robes billowing in the sea sworn breeze.


A crown, only seen by our eyes, testifies to us who you are.
Naked, we claw with rocks at vulnerable flesh, mutilating your earthly jewel.
We’ll make you unrecognizable too. Flesh out God.




I scream for
release from day and night horror. While they cried out to
remain fast.
I was a scarred lamb within, and
a roaring lion without.


Mighty Samson would not tame we beating beasts.


But You, the Son of God, entered my tomb and knocked
the breath out of me.
What man chained you commanded freed.
Clothed in righteousness, I now cling to you.

A demoniac commissioned to share the truth of your
love for mankind.



(Inspired by Mark 5)


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New Light (Sidlak)

 Darkness drapes

 like a thick silence

smothering thought and action

until dawn’s cheeks pink and stretch new light.

Many of you know how much I adore Haiku, so I was excited to discover a new form called Sidlak, 3-5-7-9 syllable lines with a color in the last line. Check out Brad’s Sidlak Moody Blues.

Write a Sidlak and post your link in the comments.

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