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Ideas of who you are are no longer boxed in

Grief’s Quickening

When the dust settles over grave and grass grows thick over death, your life still quickens in the womb of a mother’s grief.

Home Bouquet

Bouquet of memories

Born From Grief

Birthed from the womb of your grave, I gasp my first breath of new life and cry out.  

Again I Confront Depression: Poetry Response

I love finding other poets to respond to in poetry. Take a look at Radhika Shah’s poem, “Depression calls again” as posted on Jalvis Quotes.   My response:   Bed made, doubt can’t stop me. Renumbered days feel possible. Attention, I will not quit! Not your call, Not…

Felt Board Feelings

You flatly refused my flattery and filtered my deflated ego through your humility .

Sweet Aroma of Today

God’s in the kitchen whipping up a fresh day. Sunshine sprinkled with cinnamon clover invites me into barefoot, porch swing conversations with the Holy Spirit. He kneads my soul with scripture. Buttering bitterness of yesterday’s failures with confession and forgiveness and baking in the…

Redeemed Refuse

I thought I was refuse . . .

Love Shaped Sorrow

Your suicide left my soul deep within smothering grief. . .

Keep Hoping Because . . .

Frostbit by fear I keep feeling Dented by doubt I keep driving      Burnt by bitterness                                                       …

Gospel of Spring (Haiku)

Souls bubbling up, gushing with undeserved love. — the gospel of Spring.      

Sailing Devotion

When demanding circumstances have tattered faith and still the needs of today grab. You invite my soul to sail. A sea of stillness, where none can touch, there restore with sweet and salty parables of faithfulness.

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